Ozone Consultants

About Ozone
Ozone Group has been providing Information Technology related services since 2006. Company has been providing software development consulting, solutions, dedicated offshore teams, ongoing support & maintenance services and infrastructure management services to leading local and international organizations.

With the company's growth in ICT field, Ozone group explored other opportunities for diversification. With Ozone's presence in Sri Lanka which is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, marketing and merchandising has been identified as the best option.


ICT Consultancy & Services

We use best practices.
Businesses are in constant search for more cost effective ways to do things, outsourcing IT makes sense for business of all sizes. IT outsourcing is an area that Ozone Group can help you save money, increase efficiencies and add the value of our experience. Our experienced staff is across the many different fields of IT and have built and supported IT in a variety of industries; include retail, wholesale, finance and manufacturing.

Marketing & Merchandising

Best at best price on your fingertips
Our E-Shopping mall solution & Group Buying solution with over 50,000 vast range of products we guarantee you save with us.
We provide All In One product sourcing solutions for your Bussiness. Feel free to contact us for more information on our adopted Drop Shipping & Affiliate marketing solutions

Import & Export Consultantcy

We bring global markets to your doorstep
We have built alliances with the merchants, manufactures all over the world, freight forwarders & all the parties throughout the import & export process.

If you have found products to import or export & need consultancy, please feel free to contact us.

For small quantities, we do Shop & Ship for you at reasonable cost.

We strive to fulfill all your requests.